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Various Kinds of Hospital Uniforms That You Need to Know

Hospital Uniforms

Visiting a hospital may pique your interest in why medical personnel wears different uniforms. Aside from the fact that it distinguishes one from the other, they wear it for various reasons. So, keep reading if you are a medical student or just a curious cat who wants to know why they’re wearing those. This article will help you understand the meaning of each piece of clothing so that you have a better idea if you ever must revisit a hospital.

Five Different Uniform Types of Medical Facilities

Medical Aprons

The medical apron works in the same way that a kitchen apron does. This item keeps medical professionals and staff from getting dirty while performing their duties. The significant risk arises when contaminations occur during an operation, when administering medications, or when performing necessary medical procedures on patients. This uniform prevents harmful elements such as viruses and bacteria from adhering to their clothing and infiltrating the body. This is another essential item that every medical facility must have on hand.

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Scrub Suits

A scrub suit is another type of sanitation clothing that all medical personnel can wear. You commonly see this type of uniform on nurses and doctors performing surgeries. Some even have their custom scrubs to differentiate themselves from their coworkers. Many patients can quickly identify medical professionals who wear scrubs. Furthermore, some hospitals assign a specific color to specific medical personnel. Pink scrubs, for example, are for nurses, navy blue for neurosurgeons, gray for optometrists, and purple for medics. This variation makes it easier for people to determine which personnel they require.

Surgical Gowns

You usually see doctors operating in surgical gowns in real life or on television. This type of uniform is among the essential pieces of clothing they require because it protects the professional from bacteria, viruses, microbes, and other potentially harmful elements during surgery. Remember that the hospital is where you can get sick, and you can get sick. This kind can be either reusable or disposable. If doctors choose to use reusable gowns, they must be washed and sanitized regularly to prevent microbe spread.

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Patient’s Gown

Patients, like medical personnel, wear uniforms. These individuals should wear a gown for people to recognize them as a patient in the facility. Moreover, you often see this in patients confined here. On the other hand, medical people do not recommend that OPD patients wear any of these. This gown’s size is more likely to be a free size because no one can specifically identify an incoming patient’s build, age, and appearance. Furthermore, this clothing design comes with a string you need to knot on both sides. This layout is for people who have difficulty wearing proper clothing inside the hospital and need a comfortable one to move around.

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Surgical Masks and Caps

A group of surgeons in a room

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Surgical caps and masks are another essential hospital uniform. These items appear to require medical personnel who frequently perform dangerous procedures and work with hazardous chemicals. Furthermore, the masks are crucial to protecting your nose and the lower half of your face from potentially harmful bacteria and viruses. Surgical caps and masks are typically disposable, so they can only use them once. It is challenging to have reusable clothing types for these uniforms because they are prone to harmful elements. Caps and masks have a thickness that determines what they should wear based on the contagious level of operation.


We hope the list of hospital uniforms gave you a good understanding of their functions. This should be your foremost measure in learning more about hospitals. Thanks for reading!

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