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The Value of ITIL® 4 Certification for Project Manager 

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The Value of ITIL® 4 Certification for Project Manager 

The pace of change brought about by computing is almost the speed of light. Everything seems to go faster. The industry is now embracing the era of digitalization and undergoing intense changes. This complex environment now requires its own management methodology. On this, the ITIL® makes its appearance, and is perfected until reaching the ITIL® V4 or commonly called ITIL® 4. It concerns IT, but impacts all areas of business sectors. Is ITIL® 4 training then a great asset for the company? 

What is ITIL® 4 Training? 

ITIL® is the abbreviation of the term Information Technology Infrastructure Library. It designates works grouping good practices in the management of the information system. In simplified terms, it makes it possible to manage IT services and has been revolutionized over time. 

ITIL® refers to the set of good practices to be used in companies that wish to better manage processes and tasks related to the Information Technology area. The main objectives of ITIL® are to provide structure and support in the management of organizations and to favor the development of better technological services in order to benefit the end user. 

The practices described by the framework help companies provide better services and overcome difficulties that may arise during project development.  

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ITIL® 4 has the advantage of focusing directly on business management. In addition, the new version introduces important concepts in service management. These include focusing on product value (delivering value to customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders), automation, promoting business visibility, etc. Today, getting ITIL certification online is very easy now. 

How important is ITIL® 4? 

The methodology offers several benefits. The first of them refers to operational issues. ITIL® helps to improve the productivity of companies, as they can better anticipate the unforeseen, reducing equipment failure and helping to serve customers more efficiently and quickly. 

The ITIL® 4 training has been voted as one of the best for several years. It provides an in-depth understanding of the concepts of ITIL® services. It also integrates the challenges of the industrial revolution through the digitization of society and the new technologies that convey it, namely the cloud, server less, architecture. A certification is issued at the end of this training.  

Who is the ITIL® 4 Training Aimed at? 

It is mainly aimed at companies, regardless of their size and activities. Whether it is a micro-enterprise or a multinational, they should learn about ITIL® 4. Its adoption helps to gain the confidence of customers in the international quality standard. 

The ideal candidates for ITIL® 4 training are then the direct or indirect staff of a company’s IT, namely IT managers, IT architects, audit managers, planners and developers, database administrators’ data and analysts and programmers. These people will bring to the company a new method recognized worldwide as effective and relevant. The training comes in several variants of levels, from the most basic to the most expert. 

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The ITIL® 4 certification that candidates obtain is a world-renowned benchmark. It testifies to the best digital practices and it also prepares for the passage of the ITIL® foundation 4. The latter requires specific training. 

Why Invest in the Certification? 

If you are willing to stand out in your career as an IT professional, it is well worth investing in obtaining the ITIL® 4 certificate, as it is crucial to expanding your skills and keeping up with market trends, factors that are fundamental to meet the work demand of organizations. We will talk about these issues in detail below. 

Prepare to meet Business Demand 

The IT professional who invests in this certification is more likely to advance in their careers and, consequently, obtain better salaries. In addition, the person will acquire a series of skills that are valued by the market. Among them are the ease in developing strategies for the business and the ability to perform different functions, such as technical support, development, etc. 

All this increases the employability of the professional in the area. In this way, he will be in high demand and will be able to choose between the companies in the market and the positions he would like to exercise, thus having greater control over his own career. 

Keep up to date on Technological Trends available in the Market 

In any profession, it is very important to be up to date with market news, whether processes, tools, strategies, etc. This is even more necessary when it comes to IT, as this is an area full of transformations that happen quickly and intensely. Keeping up with innovations will provide you with knowledge that will make you stand out in your work and, consequently, be more valued. 

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Improve knowledge 

The ITIL® guides are always updated as per the demands of the companies. In this way, you will know first-hand what are the changes in good management practices in the Information Technology area and you will be able to apply them immediately in your company. 

What are the Benefits of ITIL® 4 Training for Companies? 

The ITIL® 4 training provides the company with a solid foundation in terms of digitalization. As a result, it can align with current demands in the international market. It gains in efficiency on the service offer. It also benefits from evaluating and improving process systems. And above all, the ITIL® 4 standardizes the language, which is a good point for the company. 

ITIL® 4 is the international benchmark for an IT management approach, it leads to better practices. Thanks to its methodology, information systems are centralized and managed more efficiently. As a result, all actions in the IT department are better traced. And this monitoring makes it possible to manage quality as well as possible. 

Undoubtedly, this certification has been increasingly demanded by the Information Technology market, as it helps professionals to learn about good IT management practices. Who invests in this qualification, comes out ahead of competitors, because the professional will have a more comprehensive view of the technological area.  

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