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5 Tips For Choosing The Right Cat Breeds For You

cat breeds

We are all very aware of the benefits of owning a pet, so it’s no wonder that you have decided to get one for yourself. If you are a cat person, than the decision on which one to get probably wasn’t difficult for you. If, on the other hand, you like cats, dogs, and all other animals, then you might have had a hard time making this choice. Yet, the fact that you are here clearly shows that you have opted for felines, which is certainly quite a good idea, given that certain studies prove that they are the best pets.

Now, if you thought that your work was done after deciding that you want to get a feline, you were most definitely wrong. This is actually where your work begins, as you still have an important decision to make. I am talking about the fact that you will need to find the perfect breed for you, since not every single one will suit your lifestyle and your general preferences.

Deciding which particular breed to get can be quite difficult, though, especially if this is the first time you are getting a cat. Even if it isn’t, choosing which one to bring home is not that simple, since basing your choice on appearances in not quite a great idea. If you decide to make your decision based on appearances, chances are that you will still have a hard time choosing a feline for you, since most of them are rather beautiful.

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When you think about it this way, it’s a good thing that there are other criteria to take into account in addition to appearances. It turns out that those other criteria can actually make this decision of yours much easier. If, however, you don’t quite know how to go through the searching process and in accordance with which criteria to make this choice, I say you should keep on reading. I’ll give you some rather useful tips on how to do this.

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Consider The Living Situation

The first thing you should think about is your living situation and your day to day responsibilities. Felines are usually perfectly capable of living in even the smallest of places, which means that you won’t need to worry if you are living in an apartment. Still, this most definitely doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t think about which breeds could adapt better to smaller places and which one might require some more space.

There is, however, something more important that you should think about when your living situation is in question. I am talking about the fact that you need to take your day-to-day operations into account, especially if you tend to spend too much time outside. There are cat breeds that won’t quite like spending their time alone and they can even develop anxiety disorders if left alone for a long time. Some other breeds, though, will be perfectly happy on their own. The point is that you should think about this thoroughly before choosing your breed.

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Think About Your Personality

Apart from considering your living situation, you should also keep your overall personality in mind. If you are not the type of person who likes spending time cuddling with animals and petting them, then you might want to think about getting a feline that is extremely independent and that doesn’t need that much affection. On the other hand, if you would love to have an animal that prefers nothing more to spending time with you, sleeping on your lap and cuddling on the couch, then you should choose a breed that likes affection.

Research Various Different Breeds

The most important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t rush into making this choice before having researched quite a few different breeds. If you don’t compare the findings, chances are that you won’t know which cat is actually right for you and which one isn’t. This is why I suggest you find a feline guide or two that can help you get all the information you need about various different breeds. That way, you will know precisely which cats to take into further consideration and which ones to eliminate from your list of potential ones right away.

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Decide If Hair Bothers You

One of the factors that you should keep in mind when trying to decide which breed to get is their hair. In other words, you will have to think carefully about whether hair will bother you or not, since all cats that are fluffy and have long fur will most definitely have to shed from time to time. Of course, some will shed more and others will shed less. Still, if you don’t think you can handle the hair, then you should consider getting a hairless feline and stop worrying about that altogether.

Take Your Budget Into Account

As you probably already know, different breeds cost different money, which means that you will have to determine your budget even before you start researching various felines. This way, you won’t waste your time looking at some beautiful cats that are way over your budget and you will, instead, be able to focus on those that fall right into the price range that you have in mind. So, don’t forget to set the budget and search accordingly.

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