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The Story of Tiger Woods and How He Became a Billionaire

tiger woods

Golf is a game where you have to drive the ball into the hole while moving across a large grassy lawn. You need to know special techniques for hitting the ball in order to drive it into the hole in as few blows as possible. By the way, placing bets on Golf is very convenient through Betwinner apk. Grass lawns come in many sizes and types, with or without hedges. The whole game is played outdoors on a special lawn. The rules are the same for everyone, regardless of the age of the player or the weather. 

Golf in itself has a very favorable effect on human health, both physical and spiritual and mental. Over the centuries, the game has become a real relaxation for many people, with a load on all types of muscles. While playing golf, intuition, tactics, and vigilance develop. In addition to everything, fresh air in nature has a beneficial effect. In one game, a person can walk from five to seven kilometers, and the size of the field can reach 30 hectares.

Below, we will tell you about the golfer who became the third billionaire in the history of the sport.

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Numerous operations on the body of an athlete

Almost thirty years of Tiger Wood’s career is filled with many events, and ups and downs, and a terrible accident. During this time, the golfer earned over $1.7 billion. This amount consists of prize money, sponsorship and business projects. To date, the athlete’s capital is more than $ 1 billion.

Only LeBron James and Michael Jordan are higher on the steps of the monetary amount. Who got their billion, not only thanks to net prize money. They also took advantage of their worldwide fame and status in society to raise their capital.

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There is gunpowder in the powder flask

Of the golfer’s billion dollar net worth, only 10% of career earnings come from golf winnings. The lion’s share of his fortune comes from advertising contracts that are associated with more than 10 brands. At the height of his career, Woods was earning over a hundred million dollars a year from sponsors.

Over a year ago, a golfer was in a horrific car accident. It was difficult for rescuers to get him out of the car. Doctors diagnosed many fractures on the right leg. After that, he had to insert auxiliary pins to maintain the correct shape of the skeleton. To date, the athlete continues to limp heavily on a sore leg.

Recovering from a terrible car accident over the past year, Tiger has hardly played, but earned almost $ 70 million from advertising. Watching a golfer struggle with multiple injuries and fractures sparked more public interest in him. After that, most of the sponsors returned to him. The athlete decided to play in some tournaments, but a week ago he announced that he still needed to recover from such serious injuries. At the same time, Tiger plans to play in future tournaments.

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Painful divorce and antidepressants

The fact that the golfer had many sponsors is easily explained by the fact that this is the embodiment of the American dream. The guy who got out of poverty, he reached the heights in his career and was able to remain an ordinary person.

The above case of a car accident is far from the first in the life of an American athlete. A few years earlier, a golfer had been in a severe accident. Woods rammed some street objects, the reason is not known. Even then, Tiger had already received serious injuries, which shook his health.

A few years later, the damaged car of the legend was stopped by the police. It turned out that the driver was in a completely insane state. The examination found many types of antidepressants in the body of the star. After being released on bail, the athlete went to rehabilitation.

During this period, Tiger experienced severe health problems. The four surgeries he went through gave him severe pain. To drown it out, the athlete took potent sedatives and painkillers. This was the start of a major depression that led to a car accident over a year ago.

Along with all of the above, the golfer’s lawyers were dealing with a divorce from his wife. Tiger then paid her $100 million.

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It may seem that the athlete’s career ended there, but the golfer proved that everything is possible. After a year of rehab, Woods took second place at the major. And the following month, he took first place in a major tournament.

Gradually, the athlete won back all his positions in the ranking, taking the top 15 place and returning sponsors.

Athletes who are also close to a billion?

The names of those who are close to a billion and have been on everyone’s lips for so long are:

Perhaps one of them will receive a billion and take their place in the ranking of the best.

Question answer

How does golf affect the human body?

Golf has the most positive effect on the human body, both physically and mentally. There is a load on all the muscles of a person, vigilance, and intuition develop. In just one game, a person can walk from five to seven kilometers.

How much did the athlete receive in his profit from the salary?

Golfer from salary to received only 10% of all his capital, everything else is sponsorship, prize money and business projects.

What Factors Should You Look For When Betting On Golf?

Foremost, this is what shape the players are in, what the weather is like, how much experience the player has and the results on a particular field.

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