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How Mobile Apps Are Modernizing the Sports Betting Industry

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As per the report from Deloitte’s 2022 Global TMT, India has around 750 million smartphone users which is predicted to reach 1 billion by the end of 2026. The usage of mobile has also impacted the sports industry. 

People prefer to use less resources and get more convenience for every activity and the same holds true for sports betting. As gambling in physical houses is illegal in India, Indians prefer to bet online using the mobile betting apps. 

Why are mobile apps preferred for sports betting?

The simple answer to this is: To carry the betting world in the pocket which means convenience. 

Earlier people used to place bets on the desktop or laptop which limited the access since not always and everywhere you have your devices with you. 

But with the advent of mobile apps, online betting through the app became more convenient and easy to access. Technologies like AI, ML, Blockchain are helping the mobile apps deliver and enhance the online betting experience of the players. 

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Smartphones have been a game-changer for the sports betting industry. The factors motivating the use of mobile apps for online betting are:

Ease of Use 

The mobile apps are designed to be responsive and compatible with almost all the latest versions of the smartphones. The apps are lightweight and do not take up extra memory on the smartphone. This not only improvises the user experience but also eases the user to place bets anywhere and anytime. 

24/7 Access

Unlike the bigger devices like laptops and desktops, smartphones can be carried anywhere you go and can be accessed anytime for a few minutes or for hours. This allows the players to place bets whenever they want. The player just needs a fast internet connection and can enjoy a seamless betting experience.

Privacy and Security

Mobile apps are designed to be secure and maintain the privacy of the user data. The secure algorithms like SSL certificates are used to protect the apps to maintain the user privacy and allow them to place wagers safely.

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Live Betting 

Thanks to mobile apps, the live betting experience has improved drastically. Most apps allow the convenience to place in-play bets at various fluctuating odds which excites many punters.

This feature helps to place the wagers when the outcome of the match is not predictable and the players want to bet while watching the match. 

Most Indians love to bet on cricket. Live betting enables an opportunity to bet on specific over or innings, wager on the best performing player or predict the outcomes while the match is ongoing. There are certain cricket betting apps in the market supporting the live betting features in India. 

Access to Wifi 

The important thing that the player needs to do best anywhere is the internet connection. Most people use the internet data packs to place bets on the mobile apps but the other factor which can certainly be considered is the access to WiFi.  On several public spots it is very easy to find free WiFi slots and provides the best bandwidth to enjoy a smooth betting experience.

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Customisations and Controls

Mobile apps are designed in a way that the players can choose to customize some of the features. It is possible to set custom notifications and set certain rules. Many apps provide the functionality to rearrange the widgets in the dashboard and design it as per the users  preferences. 

The Conclusion

We cannot imagine a world without smartphones and similarly the sports betting world without smartphones will be unimaginable in a few years. 

The mobile apps have modernized the user experience of sports betting with simplified functionalities and transformed the betting experience. 

The Indian sports betting industry has reached the evaluation of 90 billion rupees and it is predicted to grow further during upcoming years. The bookmakers have started to launch mobile apps to extend their services to Indian players and now there are quite a lot of betting apps available for the Indian market.

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