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Low-Maintenance Pets That You Can Own

low maintenance pets

Owning a pet is both enjoyable and stress-relieving. However, we cannot deny that some animals will cost you a lot of money from purchase to upkeep. Sure, you can’t say no to these surging bills. However, some people wanted to keep a pet, but their funding wouldn’t allow it. Fear not, because there are animals that will undoubtedly fit your budget. Really? If you are curious about the pets we are referring to, keep reading until the end of this article.

Five Awesome Pets You Can Keep

Betta Fish

Fish make excellent pets because of their vibrant colors, and they are also one of the most low-maintenance animals you can own. You may still believe that keeping one in your house will be expensive because of the tanks and water as well as the maintenance of it. But the advantage of this animal is that it can be fed once a day with only a tiny amount of food. So, if you buy 250mg of fish food, it should last for months.

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Cats are another adorable pet that will save you money. After all, these animals do not appear to be picky eaters, but it depends on the breed. Like humans, most cats can eat fish, rice, and vegetables. So, if you are pondering getting one but aren’t sure if they need cat food daily, don’t think too hard about it. Furthermore, their attire can cause you to overpay for them. If you are more of a fashionista, you can get your pet’s custom cat collars and a dress. However, the bottom line is that owning a cat will not cost you a fortune.


There are about 250 kinds of turtles around the globe; you can keep one if you want. This animal is another low-maintenance pet because it only needs to be fed four or five times per week. In addition, they eat insects, fish, and dark leafy greens. This appears to be less expensive than a sack of food for most animals. You can also keep your turtles in a suitable terrarium. You only need to keep its environment clean and remember to feed it on the specified days. As you can see, it’s not a lot of work, and these animals can live for up to 30 years.

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Guinea Pigs

Who wouldn’t want guinea pigs in their home? I’m sure your kids will enjoy cuddling these adorable pets. Fortunately, this is another one that does not necessitate any extravagant maintenance or food supply. What’s nice about having this one is that you don’t have to check on it every minute because they’re active on their own. This animal’s life span is usually 3 to 5 years.


Watching SpongeBob SquarePants, you often see his pet Gary in his house. As you can see, Gary is a snail, and you can pet one in real life. However, unlike SpongeBob, you cannot take a natural snail for a walk. However, if you decide to keep one, you can save more money. If you want a snail, all you need to do is provide them with a terrarium and fill it with soil. You can decorate it with sticks or other natural materials. Their diet can consist of small pieces of fruits and vegetables such as carrots and eggshells.

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The animals mentioned above are just a few examples of those that you can keep as pets without spending much money on them. These animals, too, require love and care, which you can undoubtedly provide in addition to meeting their basic survival requirements.

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