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Live or Prematch: What Is the Difference and How Best To Bet


Betting on sports in Betwinner on the websites of bookmakers is now as close to real as possible. Are simple bets not enough for you and want more opportunities for analysis? No problem. Now you can place bets right in the course of the competition, drawing conclusions from what has already happened.

But there is a big difference between these two betting formats. Each of them has its own characteristics that make them different and not equally suitable for beginners. Today we will just discuss all the subtleties of these formats so that you understand how it works.

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What is prematch betting

It is easy to imagine that the event has not started yet, but the bookmaker is already offering a betting line. This is the standard type of betting. The so-called prematch. This provides for a calm and unhurried preparation process: analysis of team statistics, previous meetings of athletes, etc.

Why this might be useful for you:

  • stability of coefficients: they do not change at lightning speed;
  • no one pushes you, you can analyze in advance;
  • it is not necessary to watch the broadcast and be inseparably attached to it.
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Why you might not like it:

  • it is impossible to foresee unforeseen moments, it will be possible to take them into account only live.

Forecasts, and, accordingly, odds in the prematch are handled by analytical departments. They are not able to take into account the chosen strategy of the team, for example, or weather conditions. All this can affect the outcome, but is not available to people before the start of the match.

What is live betting

Everything is very simple – you make predictions in sync with how athletes play. It is more accurate, more dynamic and interesting. Of course, this requires a willingness to make quick decisions. You can still use pre-match analytics. However, there are situations when it turns out to be far from being so important.

Why is this format considered cool:

  • a faster and more exciting process that guarantees vivid emotions;
  • more opportunities for analysis: you can already see what happened on the field, you can evaluate the strategy, the team’s playing style and much more;
  • analysis of the chances of teams/athletes becomes more accurate;
  • you can catch an increased coefficient, which will give a good win.

But it was not without weaknesses here:

  • without experience in betting, it is quite difficult to quickly navigate;
  • coefficients are constantly changing, which complicates the calculations.
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Matches in some sports that are popular for betting can be difficult to predict without watching live broadcasts. The most striking example is eSports, of course. In games like Dota 2, for example, the choice of playable heroes is extremely important. And you can only find out live. This information is not available in advance.

The same goes for dynamic sports like tennis for example.

How betting markets and odds change depending on the format

The line of bets in the pre-match will always be more diverse than at the end of the event. And it’s easy to understand. Betting on the victory of an athlete 2 minutes before the end of the competition will be the height of impudence for a bettor. Therefore, live markets are most diverse at the beginning of the game.

The coefficients are also subject to change. In the prematch, they are more stable, as they change only in such cases:

  • events have occurred that affect the quality indicators of the team/player;
  • the player is injured or disqualified;
  • other news;
  • the emergence of new analytical data (the coefficients at such moments are simply specified).

In any case, there are no cardinal changes to be seen here. If this happens, it is very rare.

But in live everything is much more dynamic. Since what happens on the field always affects the likelihood of outcomes. The bettor may see some odds turn red (falling) and others green (rising).

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Compare: which is better

When choosing a betting format for yourself, you need to take into account two factors: personal qualities and level of knowledge, as well as the type of sport that interests you.

Prematch is better to choose if you:

  • until you know how to make quick decisions or are afraid of it;
  • do not have enough knowledge for quick analysis during the game;
  • want to bet in a more relaxed mode;
  • little knowledge of the rules of the sport and its features.

This format is suitable for less dynamic sports. For example, football or not so popular badminton or golf.

Live is suitable in such cases:

  • you have enough experience for a quick analysis;
  • you understand the rules of the game well;
  • you are not worried and confident in your abilities;
  • you have time to watch the live broadcast.

Sports where everything changes at lightning speed, so live is what you need: tennis, basketball, beach volleyball.


Where can I place live bets?

On the website of any bookmaker that offers live streaming. Basically, all modern online offices offer their customers such a function.

What is better for beginners: betting before the match or during?

For newcomers, it is undoubtedly better to place bets before the match and calmly study analytical information about teams or individual athletes.

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