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Countries where Cricket is Popular


Cricket is a very popular kind of sport. Many people might have heard about it or at least saw a couple of matches on TV or in the movies. There are a lot of people who have even made a bet in Pin Up Casino or any other gambling site. But what countries do appreciate cricket as a major sport? The list is pretty big:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • India
  • South Africa
  • Bangladesh

Each country has its own reasons for such a demand in cricket. At first, this kind of sport was introduced in Britain, but with time it has grown into something bigger than a test game for locals. At this moment, there are a lot of countries that host cricket tournaments. Despite the fact that countries, like Bangladesh were not that successful in cricket, it is still possible to see that the team has won at least a couple of championships. They have even managed to win a WCC in 1999! It was an honorable achievement for the time and still remains one the reasons why this country is so obsessed with cricket.

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Comparison of the Popularity of cricket with other Sports

People who have only started making online bets, may have a couple of problems with understanding how big the popularity of cricket is in comparison to other kinds of sport. It can be seen by the listing at casino India online, which is a great indicator. But about real reasons behind it? In countries like USA, Canada, Phillippines, it is hard for people to recognize cricket as one of the most popular sport disciplines. Depending on Google statistics, in countries, like Pakistan, Australia, India, Sri Lanka, this kind of sport is much more popular than soccer or basketball. 

IPL – Indian Premier League can be taken as an example. With every next annual event, this tournament becomes even more popular among internet users of casino in India. If the 2020 season had more than 105 million overall views, the 2021 had a new record of 116 million unique viewers. It is a perfect showcase that India not only likes this sport, but they are willing to spend more time watching matches. For some fans it is just a pure entertainment, while for others it is a lifetime opportunity to become a respected athlete.

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India has a couple of famous cricketers who are classified as legends due to their achievements in this sport. They include such big names, like Sourav Ganguly, Sachin Tendulkar. They now keep working on making India an even bigger country in terms of cricket. India tries to make the ICC bigger than any football tournament. And by looking at previous achievements of this country, it does not look like an impossible goal. 

Why are Indians so obsessed with Cricket?

Many people in India use real money online casinos for betting, because they do like cricket as a favorite kind of sport. But why is this discipline so popular at online casino in India? Are there any real reasons for such popularity? Even Olympic games do not have such a big fan base in India, like this kind of sport has. The live coverage of cricket is pretty good. It is possible to watch live broadcasts of different matches, using either TV channels or internet stream platforms. Even when the internet user makes Pin Up Casino login, it is possible to watch live streams thanks to the official app or a standard page on the site. 

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Every boy in India can confirm – cricket is one of the most popular street games. It has pretty simple rules and everyone is able to understand them. People from different countries are only about to discover the greatness of this kind of sport, when they will see results of the expanding audience of major tournaments. The number of viewers is growing every year.

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