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Best Sports Betting Apps in India

Sports Betting

Finding the right mobile app to bet on sports can be challenging. Although plenty of options are available, each bettor has individual needs that not all betting apps meet.

For instance, some sports betting apps might offer broad coverage of sports but need to catch up on the major competitions for those with a big following in India. Sports such as cricket and kabaddi might be challenging to find on some international operators’ mobile apps.

Nevertheless, the good news is that the best Indian sports betting apps tend to provide bettors with excellent coverage of all of the bettors’ favourite sports, offer additional perks, and give a safe betting experience.

Throughout this guide, we’ll give you five reasons why you should use mobile betting apps in India and how to find the best ones:


The first advantage of opting for a mobile app to place your bets on sports relies on mobility. Most bettors are on their computers only a short time, meaning they need access to their favourite sportsbook if they wish to place a bet on a match during odd hours.

Mobile apps also allow bettors to place their picks while watching the match from outside their homes or even while at the stadium, which is ideal for those who enjoy in-play betting. Additionally, mobile apps often have lightweight software, making them fast to load.

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Mobile-Specific Bonuses

Many sportsbooks want to bring their bettors to the mobile app, often leading to them offering mobile-only bonuses. As the name suggests, these promotional offers are only available for bettors who register through the mobile app or do specific actions through the app.

Some examples of mobile-specific bonuses include:

  • Better first deposit matches for transactions performed through the app
  • Different welcome packages for players who register through the app
  • Perks associated with bets that bettors place through the app

Moreover, some online sportsbooks provide additional perks for mobile app users, such as boosted odds or bet picks. You should always compare the promotions, and other benefits sportsbooks offer on their website versus the mobile app. You’ll notice you can often get more advantages through the app.

Banking Options

Although the payment methods available through sports betting platforms tend to be the same on mobile apps, the user experience is the best aspect of making deposits or requesting withdrawals through the mobile app.

Firstly, the payment options accepted by sportsbooks are safe and trustworthy. Secondly, when making transactions through the mobile app, players will have a smoother user experience, as most payment platforms have already established a mobile-first approach.

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Likewise, players who have access to their online banking apps or e-wallet apps on their smartphones or tablets will also have an easier time performing these payments. They can quickly switch between apps to confirm operations or check if their withdrawal is complete.


Whether you use an iOS or an Android device, you can rest assured that sports betting apps will always protect your private information. Apple is well-known for its strict policy surrounding user privacy, and just last year, Google took a more stringent stance on the privacy standards for gambling apps.

Moreover, considering the recent updates surrounding gambling laws in the country, sportsbooks that offer mobile apps in India must ensure that players’ protection is one of their main concerns.

With this in mind, you can rest assured that the sportsbooks won’t transfer your personal and banking data to third parties.

Access to New Markets

Over the years, sports betting companies have indeed expanded their efforts in making their mobile apps more accessible in terms of market coverage. As mentioned before, not all sportsbooks cover all international sports, but many sports betting apps have genuinely outdid themselves in providing bettors with a comprehensive list of sports.

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Likewise, betting apps tend to increase the number of competitions and divisions available for betting as time passes. In some cases, bettors can find some of the lowest sports divisions. Such an improvement helps bring a new level of interest for those who want to focus on something other than significant events.

We can expect this trend to develop further, as many bettors continuously request sportsbooks to include even more niche sports. The good news is that sportsbooks often listen to their customers, and mobile betting apps will soon reflect the main interests of their users.

How to Choose The Best Sports Betting App in India?

Picking the best sports betting app can be easy. Once you understand what type of sports and bets you enjoy placing, you’ll quickly shorten your options to a couple of apps.

Once you have a shortlist of possibilities, we recommend that you compare the bonuses provided, the payment options available, and the timeframes for transactions. Likewise, opting for mobile betting apps that offer live chat support can help you solve queries faster.

Overall, we recommend that you pick sports betting apps that ensure your safety and provide responsible gaming tools to ensure you’re always in control of your gambling activity.

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