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5 Reasons to Convert DOC to PDF Online with GogoPDF


It’s essential to have the right tools that can be shifted and used to convert PDF files today, so individuals don’t need to worry if they do not have the particular online tools. An online-based substitute lets users transform a Microsoft Word document into a PDF file for free. This web-based substitute is GogoPDF.

GogoPDF is a web-based converter tool everyone must-have. Its Word to PDF tool can smoothly manage Microsoft Word to PDF conversion, whether the file is in DOC or DOCX format. The GogoPDF tools and features will not be a problem in transforming it into a PDF file. Here are five reasons to use GogoPDF in converting documents.

How to Convert a Word Document into PDF File

One common struggle amongst students and working professionals is converting Word to PDF files. Using it for the first time might be a challenge. However, acquiring excellent skills and knowledge to use GogoPDF won’t be necessary. Individuals can operate the tools as it’s designed in a user-friendly interface and built-in a streamlined manner.

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There are only four easy steps to do on how to convert with GogoPDF. The first thing to do is to choose the document that needs to be converted into the box or drag, and you can drop the file for a much simpler technique. GogoPDF will instantly scan, analyze, and restore the document before users can save it into the device.

1. Various Tools in a Single Platform

Users can convert PDF to HTML, PPT, Word, Excel, JPG, PNG, PDFA, and vice versa. It can convert the other way around quickly. Users can also edit their documents using functional tools like Compressing, Splitting, Merging, Locking, and Unlocking files, Repairing corrupted manuscripts, and many more.

Most of these tools have the same concept of converting from Word to PDF conversion. Go to GogoPDF’s website and select the device that you want to use. Then upload the file that you wish to convert into the designated toolbox. And, of course, for a more convenient method, you can drag and drop the file.

After uploading, make the alterations and modifications to match your document’s specifications and description. Then, press “Convert.” Please wait for a couple of minutes while GogoPDF is converting the file before saving and sharing it with friends or colleagues. You don’t have to wait that long, as GogoPDF works swiftly.

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2. Direct Conversion Process

Anyone can directly transform online DOC documents into a PDF file format. It can manage the file’s content and uniformity while converting it into a PDF file. The original copy of the DOC or DOCX form will not have any changes. Luckily, GogoPDF is always the go-to tool that makes the conversion process easy and quick!

Back in the day, whenever you need to have a document-related project, individuals need to go to a computer shop and make every conversion manually. With today’s technology, you can always make and convert documents comfortably, and with GogoPDF’s tools and simplified methods, it’s always attainable.

3. Always Within Reach

One best feature of GogoPDF is its easy access to different online platforms. Since this converter tool is online-based, users don’t need to install or download any additional plug-ins or applications. It can be opened through any operating software of choice like Mac, Windows, or even Linux programs.

Accessing it through various devices is not a problem as well. Even if users open it using a laptop, tablet, desktop, or any smartphone device available. All you need is a reliable internet service provider for a smoother and faster conversion process, whether you use Opera, Google Chrome, or Safari.

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4. Easy Sharing

GogoPDF also has an option wherein you can easily share your work or documents with friends or colleagues. There are two options. Through the link or the shareable link. If via the connection, copy and paste the shareable link to your desired online platform. The link is only valid for 24 hrs. If via email, fill in the data in the email tab and press send.

5. Excellent Security System

GogoPDF has an amazing security system wherein they have an individual policy that everything that has been converted, transmitted, and processed on their platform will be permanently deleted after an hour. This is perfect for people who are not that comfortable putting their personal information on the web.


GogoPDF doesn’t just offer incredible tools but respects your safety and privacy. Converting with this converter tool makes your work easier and efficient. GogoPDF is the best go-to tool that’s an all-in-one platform for any of your file needs.

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