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5 Best People Finder Services to Search People Online

People Finder

Scammers often collect customers’ contact details through internet transactions. They want to trick people into taking part in their scams by presenting them with seemingly attractive incentives. Typically, they’ll provide the same service for a reduced price, then escape with your funds. Such con artists may be located by utilizing a personal search engine.

Trying to sort out the finest people-searching platforms from the ones that don’t seem to be a daunting task given the multitude of sites that pitch themselves as the best. Even more confusing is the fact that there are literally hundreds of fantastic people-finding resources available today. Users can carry on to use the online people finder that benefits them with the most accurate results and for this purpose, we have done proper research for our readers. 

We have spent considerable time researching and monitoring people finding websites in order to provide you with the most complete, reliable, and detailed search reports possible.

Fast People Search

Our best pick is a platform that combines an abundance of trustworthy data with a simple implementation with just a few clicks. By entering a name and street number, you may find a person using Fast People Search’s people search service. Potentially retrieved information from the service includes the target’s phone number, place of residence, contact number, and more.

There is no payment associated with using the people search feature and no sign-up is necessary. Few other companies provide free background checks, so this one stands out.

The reports from this system are so precise and comprehensive that we can only sing their praises. 

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According to the company, 100 million searches are performed on Fast People Search every month, and 3.3 million results are generated every day which proves their competitiveness and popularity. You can have a look at their website to benefit from their customer-friendly features and quick results.

Fast People Search searches government databases with the use of a server and an in-house algorithm. Those documents have been digitized and uploaded on the internet for easy access. You may read the results as they have been organized in a report.


  • Time-efficient functionality 
  • User-Friendly interface 
  • Customer-Oriented Approach 
  • 24/7 customer support is available. 
  • Detailed reports 


  • Anyone on the internet can look through your private information. 
  • Lag in loading site sometimes 

Find People First

When you need a reliable people-locating solution, Find People First is a fantastic option because of its user-friendly design and straightforward operation. The data are produced with the use of records from the federal level, state levels, and county levels. 

All of a person’s contact information, including their phone numbers, emails, and addresses, as well as their criminal records, are searchable. Insolvency filings and contact information posted on social media platforms are likewise available to the public. 

If you have reason to assume that someone you know has a criminal history, this is the best website to utilize to research that person’s history. In terms of doing background checks, Find People First is top-notch.


  • Cost-free customer support
  • Full disclosure of a criminal history
  • Timely and accurate reporting
  • The ability to save reports as PDFs and an uncomplicated layout.


  • Not allowed for employment purposes

Public Seek 

Public Seek would be a terrific resource for people who want a quick and direct way to find details about themselves, long-lost acquaintances, friends of their children, or business connections. 

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Public Seek is an alternative to the aforementioned sites, adopting a more contemporary, but still appealing, online interface. The people-searching website boasts that it constantly monitors profiles and changes its data 24/7, allowing you to be certain that you will get up-to-the-minute information. 

According to the site, you have a fair possibility of receiving really credible reports since they get that data from a database containing well over 10 billion entries that are constantly being updated. For quick and easy searches, this is the best source. Still, the site may glean solid and useful criminal history facts to assist you to keep your loved ones secure.

Includes database updates at least once every day 


  • Enabled report monitoring
  • Separately Obtainable Reports
  • User-Friendly Interface 
  • Time-efficient


  • Detailed reports only for subscribers 
  • Can be a bit pricey 

Truth Finder 

The reliability of this service has allowed it to emerge as one of the most widely used background check providers in the industry. TruthFinder is one of the simplest people-search tools available because of its clean, uncluttered design and intuitive UI. All the site’s information is conveniently presented on one page, making it simple to navigate.

TruthFinder offers a variety of search options including person search, reverse contact search, police documents, and background check, among others. You may accomplish this by looking up a person’s original name, contact information, email address, or physical address. 

To help you stay secure, TruthFinder searches across thousands of official records to provide you with the most comprehensive background check available. TruthFinder seems to be worth the money in providing detailed and accurate reports on people you’ve never met. What’s more, they’ve made their service available through an Android app, so you can look them up wherever you are.

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  • Many different search parameters
  • Scanning the Dark Web is Now Available
  • Calling customer service is free of charge.
  • Conveniently simple to use
  • Extensive reports


  • Error in loading some pages. 
  • A little bit expensive 
  • To learn more about the benefits and features of Truth Finder, visit this page.


By conducting searches tailored to your industry, InfoMart can help you find qualified workers who have passed the most comprehensive background check possible. InfoMart provides you with results in as little as 24 hours, making it significantly quicker than the competition in the employment screening industry.

As before, the site has a stellar reputation for sector-specific screenings, which paves the way for specialized queries that yield the most precise outcomes. You may have faith in the platform since it has earned full FCRA certification. The navigation bar at the top of the page makes it easy to explore the site’s content.


  • Totally compliant with the FCRA 
  • Personalized Approach 
  • Cost-effective
  • Industry-oriented searches


  • More ideal for large businesses 
  • Slow customer service


In the current world, it might be difficult to do background checks and stay safe from fraudsters. The highly protected methods and time-saving interfaces of people-searching websites have, however, made this process much simpler.

Out of the aforementioned sites, Fast People Search is the most widely regarded, legitimate, and cost-free option for doing result-driven searches. Please use this evaluation as a guide while you go through the data and make your final decision on which site is best for you.

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