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What are the measures which will help us to survive longer in Battlefield?

Battlefield hacks


War games are into the trend these days as everyone loves to play these games. These games provide mental health benefits to the people, and they feel relaxed after playing this. However, it depends from person to person as some people make it their habit and they can’t live without paying it. Battlefield is a war game that focuses more on the shooting side of the game. The game will provide you with fantastic features along with amazing graphics. You will feel like you are in the game and killing your enemies in real. Besides this, surviving in this game is a bit harder for everyone as the challenges in this game are complicated, and the enemies will never leave you alone for even a second.

You have to understand some tips and strategies for effectively playing the game and to survive for a more extended period of time in it. The environment is a good factor in helping you to survive in the game. You can use the environment as a place to hide, and you can take a good shot from it. Your clothes will match the color of the grass or the bushes present on the ground, and you can hide in them. Let’s discuss some of these tips for longer survival in the game.

Tips for longer survival in the Game

Take advantage of the environment

The environment is one of the best things that will help you to kill your enemy. This is because it gives you an excellent space to hide without letting you know by anyone. If you hide behind any building or any other thing, then the enemies will find you easily, and they can make a counter-attack on you. If you will hide behind the bushes or grass, then no one is going to recognize you, and you can easily shot the other players or their vehicles. This is because the color of your dress will be exactly the same as the color of the pants; this will help you to hide behind them easily. However, it can be risky sometimes as you will be in the open sky, and if anyone finds you, then he/she will directly kill you.   

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Pay attention to your job only 

You have to pay attention to your job only. There are different classes in the game, and you should be aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Every class will provide you with a different type of support, and you should keep an eye on that. If you focus on other things, then your main job will be missed. Medics are there in the game to help you with the issues related to your health. It will give you support by reviving, boosting, and patching up the teammates. Scouts are ideal for snipes and spotters, and it makes the way safe for the advanced troops. Support players are there to bring up guns and focus on teamwork. The assault class in the game is built up for doing the donkey work. This means every class will provide you with some different tasks to do, and you have to focus on them only.

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Play the campaign 

Playing the game for entertaining yourself is a good thing, but the new versions of the game have introduced some big things in it. All the equipments, modes, maps, etc., are not the same as you were getting in the previous versions. For knowing the new versions, you should get into the campaign as you will get to know about all the new features introduced in the game.

Coordinate with the team

At the beginning of the game, you will be offered single stories where you will not be given the benefit of adding up new players along with you. But after clearing certain levels, you will enter into the multiplayer mode. There you will meet so many new players; it is upto you that you want to work as a team with them or you want to compete with them individually. It is better to work as a team as you can survive longer because of that, plus some of your mistakes will be ignored, and you can cover them with the support of your team.

Make use of vehicles appropriately

The vehicles present in the game are not for fun; they will be so much helpful for you in the game. You can easily explore the maps by using these vehicles, and killing your opponents through the vehicles is more accessible as they cannot kill you easily. You will find different types of vehicles in the game, such as boats, jeeps, bikes, planes, etc. Horses are bikes that are meant to be the fastest vehicles that can take you to a place in minutes. Tanks are the superior ones that will save you from getting shot by the enemies, and you can also kill them using the tank easily. Planes help you to cover a broader view of the map, and you can also land anywhere you want to. 

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Use cheats and hacks for fun only

Cheats and hacks are secret supports of a player in the game. This is because they make the game easy for us as they remove the obstacles coming our way. Battlefield 2042 hacks have so many types in them such as, auto bone prioritization which allows you to shot them at any part of the body of the enemy easily than the usual shooting at his/her head. Smooth aiming helps you to aim smoothly at your enemy with a still aim of your gun. There are so many other hacks as well, along with these two; you will get to know them when you will start playing the game. Make sure that these cheats and hacks should be used for fun purposes only; otherwise, there are chances of blocking your account from the game, or you will get bored of the game quickly because of this.

Summing up

The above-mentioned tips will help you in surviving for an extended period of time in the game. You should definitely go through them. 

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