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The World-Renowned Libertex Draw for 500 Bitcoin, a new Tesla Model Y or the Latest iPhones


In November, Libertex Group held a celebration to acknowledge its 25th anniversary. Libertex believes it has earned the right to celebrate its 25th anniversary in style by throwing a big party. This is because the organization has stayed in business and done well in a very competitive field.

Although Libertex is well-known for the numerous freebies it gives away, it has always been one step beyond its own standards and came up with a wonderful campaign worthy of this momentous occasion. Campaign winners will get more than 500 wonderful prizes, including the following, as a demonstration of Libertex’s commitment:

400+ awards

50 new iPhones

10 paid Qatar trips

500 Bitcoin—worth roughly $10 million—a Tesla Model Y!

This is how the audience can participate in the campaign.

Customers of Libertex who have deposited at least fifty dollars will be included in a jackpot prize draw for five hundred Bitcoins using a random number generator. Deposits of $500 are required to win any of the other prizes, including iPhones, Teslas, and vacations in Qatar. By registering on the campaign website, users have the opportunity to enter a drawing. The Bitcoin draw is open to anybody who deposits at least $500.

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EMIRAT will ensure that the jackpot payout will be received.

Each participant in the crypto jackpot competition is given a number with 8 arbitrary digits. Due to the fact that all eight digits of the jackpot ticket need to match the randomly generated number, the odds of winning the top reward of 500 BTC are one in one hundred million.

The remaining prize draws will guarantee 510 winners and allow users an unlimited number of entries each. To put it another way, the odds of winning the bitcoin jackpot are predetermined, but making an investment of $500 and receiving an additional entry ticket will improve the likelihood of your winning one of the additional prizes.

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Important calendar dates

The promotion period will begin on November 15, and customers who make a deposit and sign up on the campaign’s internet page will be entered into any drawings for which they are eligible. On December 1st, five round-trip tickets to Qatar will be given away to lucky winners. On the 16th of December, exactly two weeks later, the winners of five more holiday prizes will be revealed.

Those interested will be thrilled to know that the announcement date will be on January 13, 2023.

The much-anticipated draw will determine who wins the remaining fantastic prizes held by Libertex. These prizes include fifty iPhones, one Tesla, and, of course, the jackpot of five hundred bitcoins.

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Libertex never fails to thank its devoted customers. They believe that they would not be able to commemorate 25 years of successfully connecting regular people to financial markets. Because of their contributions, Libertex as a company is able to provide its customers with a prize that is befitting of their efforts.


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