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The Future of Betting Technology in India

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There’s no question that online sports betting and casino gambling are a huge hit in India. The youth is especially drawn into the major rewards on offer, but to be honest, sports betting has always been an integral part of Indian culture. It has been doing great for decades. However, with the increased availability of the widespread Internet, the online gambling industry now generates more money than ever.

Online betting and gambling in India exist in a legal grey area. However, that’s not stopping new players from signing up at bookies and online casinos. A detailed online casino guide makes things very easy for new players, so they can set their profiles up in minutes and start playing. 

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What makes sports betting sites and online casinos so popular in India? There’s not a single reason, but a slew of them as the driving force behind the online betting boom.

The Rise of Technology is Key

Compared to 10 years ago, technology has become a driving force behind the online sports betting boom. More and more Indians have access to the Internet at high speeds, which makes things much easier when it comes to online gambling. The rise of technology has brought forward new devices you can use to bet and play on the go. With 5G already launched in India, the youth is rushing to get 5G-enabled devices that offer head-turning Internet speeds.

If there’s one key factor that has driven this industry forward in India in the past decade, it’s definitely technology.

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Easier Access to Online Gambling Sites

All those smartphones and tablets available on the Indian market are put to good use on online betting sites. The market in India is flooded with great choices, and most of these sites offer registration in a minute. Furthermore, they’re fully optimized for the latest devices, so you can bet and play from your smartphone easier than ever.

The easy access to online gambling sites has drawn plenty of bookies and casinos to the market. With new phones specifically for the Indian market with lightning-fast processors and Internet speeds, access to online gambling sites is easier than ever.

Planned Legalization

All the buzz about online gambling in India has reached the government too. While there’s still not even a draft of a law that could legalize online gambling, things are expected to pick up soon. At the moment, sports betting is only available on a few sports including horse betting. Online betting is neither legal or illegal – it exists in a grey area. Once that area is regulated, betting sites will be welcome to obtain a license and players will have a chance to bet and gamble online without looking over their shoulders.

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Cricket Plays a Vital Role Too

Cricket is the biggest sport in India and that’s a fact. Its popularity has played a substantial role in online sports betting, with punters eager to place their bets on their favorite teams and players. Football is similarly popular too, but it doesn’t get close to cricket which gave online sports betting in India a vital boost.

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