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Rummy Game in the Indian Culture

rummy game

Rummy is a popular game played in many countries of the world. The game has a vibrant history that dates back to a 16th-century Mexican game called Conquian. Some historians have also said that the game bears a resemblance to a Chinese game with similar gameplay.

Rummy casino game has been played in India for many decades now, and many believe the Mughals of India introduced the game. The game as of today has found its way into the socio-cultural value system of the Indian people. As a result, almost all households in India have an interesting story to tell about the game. The game became so popular in India that people had to create variants for it. Today, you can choose to play the 10-card rummy, the 13-card rummy, the deals Rummy or the Deals Rummy. Of all the variants, the 13-card rummy is the most popular.

In this piece, we’ll examine the beauty of Rummy in Indian Culture. We’ll also talk about how the role of the internet in reigniting the game that everyone loves.

Why is Rummy So Popular in India?

Rummy is one of the few Indian card games that are easy to play. The supreme court of India declares it as a game that requires more strategy and intellect than luck.

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All you need to play the game is two decks of cards for a few people. Rummy cards come in two decks having two jokers. The game’s primary objective is simple; players have to arrange the 13 cards into valid sets and sequences. To win, players will have to make a valid declaration when they pick or discard a card from the two piles. Usually, one of the decks is covered, and the player will not see his choices. The other, however, is an open deck that the player creates when they drop their cards. Like with other card games, the cards in rummy are from Ace to King. That is Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen and King. All the cards in the set have values equal to the number on them. For instance, card 10 has a value of 10, 6 has a value of 6 and so on. However, the King, Queen, Jack and Ace cards all have a value of 10 points.

A valid declaration in rummy is a minimum of 2 sequences. One must be a pure sequence of these two sequences, while the other can be any valid sequence. The basic rule of rummy you must remember is, you do not have a pure series; you cannot call a valid declaration.

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At the time when the game was introduced to the Indians, there were limited options for entertainment. Therefore, it created an avenue for everyday people to have fun and challenge themselves. By the time people saw how enjoyable the game was in the 19th century, it became a topic in many cinemas, even in cultures outside India. It was with this spread across several tribes and countries that rummy got its variants.

Today, access to mobile phones and the internet are the two primary drivers of the game’s popularity.

Rummy culture as a part of Indian tradition

Indians today play rummy as an essential part of their tradition. During important festivals like Diwali, India’s largest and auspicious festivals, you will see people playing the game. Every year, you will find people from different places playing the game.

This is because Indians believe the game brings its players good fortune, mostly when you play it in this season. The game also attracts many patrons in India for the following reasons:

  • Being a game of skill, rummy helps its players increase focus and cognitive abilities.
  • Rummy is efficient as a stress buster.
  • Rummy helps the mind relax and helps its players develop multitasking skills.
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Online Rummy

Considering the immense benefits of rummy, one would agree that it is a game that one should play often. However, by nature, rummy comes with limitations that restrict how and when you can play the game. For instance, you can only play rummy if you have friends and family around to enjoy the game with. Also, you need to carry the cards along for you to play the game.

Now, thanks to technological advancements, most of these problems are no longer existent. By connecting to the internet, you can play rummy online without having to look for people. Online Rummy works like other card games online on online casinos or unique Rummy apps. Thanks to these new formats for playing rummy, you can now play rummy at any time and even win money from tournaments.

Online Rummy has taken a one-time local game in India and made a worldwide reputation for it. Every day, thousands of rummy tournaments are held in online casinos worldwide, where people win several rewards.

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