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Live Cricket Scores Sites with Results and Stats Review 2023

Cricket Scores

Cricket is a sport that has incredible popularity . Apart from the United Kingdom, he is currently practicing and has a significant following in India, Pakistan, Australia and South Africa. Therefore, this modality can be easily found in the menu of offers of bookmakers. In order to make successful bets, it is necessary to make an analysis of teams and players. This can be done using the information on the sites that you will talk about below.

Best Live Cricket Score Sites in India

There are no websites in Hindi that regularly and qualitatively update information about sports cricket live score. To get high-quality material about modality, it is necessary to resort to websites in English. In this case, good options would be:

  • ICC Cricket. In this rapidly evolving digital world, it is only natural for cricket’s governing body to offer the ability to view the results in real time on its website. The ICC Cricket live cricket score website has succeeded in every way, whether it’s feature set or design.
  • Sportskeeda. Sportskeeda is a platform founded in 2009 that is a full-fledged sports content platform serving more than 100 million users worldwide. The site will have useful information not only for cricket fans but also for other sports. 
  • SportsCafe. A popular website for cricket fans with up-to-date news and a schedule of events. Here you will find sections with reviews, tips on cricket and football. The site constantly updates information and provides only the latest information.
  • Cricket.com. Cricket.com is a news portal that meets all modern requirements, only for cricket fans, which is also considered one of the best sites to get the results of cricket matches in real time. The site provides players with information about cricket matches and publishes its own blogs and articles.
  • NDTV Sports. NDTV Sports is a modern news portal that has information on live results for several sports, primarily cricket. Here is only the latest and up-to-date information for all betters and those interested in cricket.
  • Cricbuzz. A popular website in India, Cricbuzz, where you will find the results of cricket matches, match analysis and the latest sports news. For all the years of the site’s existence, he has many clients who constantly monitor the development of cricket events from all over the world.  Indians can also download Cricbuzz free mobile app.
  • ESPNcricinfo. The ESPNcricinfo website was founded in 1993 and continues to delight fans with current cricket results and other useful information. The ESPN website has a convenient real-time results panel that gives access to statistics, team news, various reports and comments.
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Cricket Betting Markets

The main bet, of course, is on the winner of the match, as in most sporting events. In this case, cricket games often have attractive chances, since, at the highest level, almost anyone can beat anyone.

When an alternative to a draw is also available and we have discovered a more or less favourite team, a “Double Chance” is an interesting option to cover up.

For those who really understand the topic and know each of the players, betting on the best batsman in the team usually offers very good odds.

Of course, real-time betting also stands out for its emotionality, dynamics, and adrenaline in cricket. In this sense, guessing how many races a team will hold in total is undoubtedly one of the most attractive ways. Of course, to enter this market, you need to have certain knowledge and considerable experience.

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This type of bet is affected by the number of eliminated team players, the field on which they play, the over (a set of 6 fields) on which they are, which of the two teams hits first and the quality of the 4 or last 5 batters.

What will Make Your Cricket Betting More Successful?

Some cricket teams will attack better and others will defend better, meaning some will hit the ball harder and others will serve it better.

Viewing each team’s pool of players will help players determine whether they will try to beat the opposing team in the number of runs or they will try to eliminate the opponent faster by focusing on bowling. 

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One of the most important things to consider when learning how to bet on cricket is how external factors can affect the outcome of a match. These external factors vary from the weather to the time of day or the condition of the playing surface.

Some teams win more than others when it comes to home advantage — this is partly due to the importance of the playing surface and how teams will try to make the surface play in your favor.

Cricket teams will use different bowlers, and different types of batting will be more effective on different types of wickets. Some wickets will be wetter than others; they may be hard or soft and vary in the amount of grass.


In terms of the fundamentals of cricket betting, players must first learn the rules of the game. Secondly, bettors need to understand the differences in game formats and how players will best suit them. Finally, an analysis of the pitch and weather conditions can add more information to the potential outcome of the match. Study the results of players over the years of the game and follow Live cricket score sites in India to make profitable bets.

Source: https://sportscafe.in/cricket/live

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