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Mobile casinos have already beat traditional casinos, Here’s why

Mobile casinos

According to independent web analytics company Stat Counter, mobile internet use surpassed desktop back in October 2016 – and the world has never looked back. Things like banking, gaming, watching movies, even dating is so much easier on a mobile device compared to a laptop or desktop computer. This accessibility also spilled into the realm of online gambling and more punters are logging in online via their mobile device than ever before, here is why.

Who doesn’t own a Smartphone now?

One of the main reasons why mobile casinos are beating traditional casinos is that practically everyone has a smartphone now. Look at crowds waiting for trains, sitting on buses, or waiting in queues, the chances are that most will either be looking at their phones or just about to.

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Several factors account for the explosion in growth

  • Costs have dropped – high spec mobiles like iPhones remain pricey but Android powered devices are very reasonably priced for the power you get.
  • Internet coverage such as 4G or 5G is widespread and gaining coverage.
  • Indians are getting wealthier and one of the first status purchases on anyone’s list is a nice mobile phone.

Online casinos are better than ever

Following on from the previous point, online casinos have seriously upped their game. The first online casinos appeared in the mid 1990’s and were very rudimentary. Fast forward a few decades and now, everything that is possible at a physical casino is available at a mobile version. This includes setting up new accounts, and playing anything from table games to a huge list of online slot machines. Progressive jackpots have seen lucky players even become instant millionaires using their mobile phones.

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The games are better too

As mentioned, any casino game you can play offline you can now play on mobile. This includes live dealer games which are table games hosted by real dealers in streamed studios. Here you can play poker, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, and more – as if you were at a real casino but with all of the benefits, mobile gaming brings.

Ultimate convenience

Several key advantages have driven the shift from traditional casinos to their mobile counterparts. Number one is convenience. Visiting a physical casino involves dressing up, forward planning, travelling to the destination, pushing through crowds, hoping your favourite games are available, then journeying back home. Sure, it makes an exciting night out every now and then, but it can be a hassle. On the other hand, with a mobile device, players are gambling within moments, wherever they may be.

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Final word

With the huge range of top-quality games to play and massive jackpots on offer, mobile casinos have it all. Mix in unparalleled levels of convenience and it is no wonder players are dumping traditional casinos in favor of mobile casinos.

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