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Keys To Building A Good Social Media Community Management Strategy

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Community management is one of the most crucial activities for every brand that depends upon social media to contribute to its marketing and sales. People sometimes might get confused about social media marketing and community management.  To make it clear, let’s say those are two different disciplines. There is a lot of information available online to know the tips to improve the community management practices and a few crucial strategies for customer acquisition and retention. When it comes to social media, community management defines how your business can engage with your audience on social media channels. It instantly reaches your social media profiles and includes more profiles that you are monitoring using influences or other industry-related pages.

Efficient community management requires a lot of social media marketing tools that permit you to view, prioritize, and organize every incoming communication along with the conversations that are happening regarding your brand. Social media community management starts with the customer journey where the brand and customer relationship gets established. The following are a few keys to come up with a good social media community marketing strategy.  To help yourself create a thriving community management strategy, it is crucial to have defined goals and objectives. Check into the following to know more about community management on social media.

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Community Management on Social Media


Marketers would not think a lot about community management being a part of their acquisition. Sometimes the community management team can also get disconnected from various aspects of marketing that are bringing in business generations. It is not supposed to be the case. Always remember your existing community of marketing campaigns and the first set of people who get converted. A more loyal community of followers will help enhance the awareness of your brand and bring in a lot of additional media space. Considering conversion and brand awareness, marketers will have a proper strategy to make sure that they will reach their follower community in their buying journey. Along with which the community management team will require a lot of integration of the business acquisition model.

Social Customer Care

Never like before, companies now realize the potential of employing social media channels to have better interactions with consumers and businesses. We are currently processing a lot of abilities to analyze, monitor, and listen regarding the behavior of audiences, feedback given by the consumers, and improving the relationships. Meanwhile, the expectations of consumers are also dynamic. The social media communities are expecting fast responses.  As per a study, it is proved that more than 50% of consumers are hoping to get answers within 30 minutes. It is more evident on social applications like TikTok and Facebook, where the focus is ultimately to provide customer satisfaction,  get more views, and buy TikTok likes. It becomes more possible because the audiences and customers are making use of these social channels approximately for an hour, mostly 56 minutes a day.

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Crisis Management

One feature of community management requires a lot of strategic efforts.  This feature is called crisis management. If there is an issue that is repeatedly spreading across social media, there are many possibilities for that issue to create a slight shake to the brand’s reputation. The problems can be from any part of a business like in-store promotions, advertisements, TV campaigns, marketing campaigns, unanswered social mentions, delivery issues, etc. It is a massive responsibility for the teams to handle the plans and sort them out using the tools. It will help you to make things better instantly. In case of any crisis, you are not supposed to cause any delays.

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As the social communities are growing, the brand seems to be facing a lot of new challenges for creating content. Because content is the foremost tool to keep your audience engaged, there is a lot of competition to grab attention on social media. A large community can become interested in your brand content. So it is essential to keep them repeatedly interested in your brand and your brand products even after they purchase something from you. Advocacy also comes under the keys to build community management. It is widely followed by various brands accordingly. 


For every phase of social media community management, it is more crucial to focus on the audience responses and work on the pitfalls. To be a thriving community manager, you should not repeat any past mistakes. To know better about community management, you need to understand better what is working and what is not performing well. So it will help you to interact with new team members and train them. We believe the above information would have been more informative and knowledgeable. Please do share your ideas with us.

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