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GoGoPDF: The Best Word to PDF Converter on the Internet

Word to PDF

Word Files are products of word processors like MS Word. While they can be transmitted via different mediums like email or through a hard drive, there is a risk that comes with it. Since Word Files are intended to be editable and not necessarily to display documents, you may run the risk of having the format of your file messed up and even some of the elements omitted. 

If the goal is to display an electronic document, there is a file format intended for that. Portable Document Format, widely known for its acronym PDF, has the capacity to preserve elements and format of the raw file. Fair enough, the creators of PDF have the goal to create a file format that displays electronic documents regardless of the platform used. 

What is the best conversion platform?

Software, while a good option to convert Word to PDF, has a lot of disadvantages. Firstly, it is expensive. Second, the installation requirement is a hassle, and third, it takes up huge space on your device. The best solution, therefore, is to use the excellent GoGoPDF. GoGoPDF is a web-based platform that offers a variety of services relating to PDF, from the converter to editor. 

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Easy to Use

GoGoPDF is one of the easiest platforms to use. The web design is structured to be easily understood by users regardless of their level of expertise in navigating online platforms. This is under the impression that not everyone who is accessing the website is highly skilled in analyzing complicated web layouts. More so, it has instructions that are very easy to follow. 

Quick Processing

With GoGoPDF, you would not be wasting your time waiting for a long process to finish. The website creators understand that waiting is such a tiring thing to do, especially when you could have done hundred other more important things instead. The whole scanning and converting process on this website will only take two to three minutes of your precious time. 

Universally Compatible 

In the creation of GoGoPDF, the founders made sure that it is tested across different platforms: devices, operating systems, and even web browsers. This is to ensure that it would be compatible with whatever platform utilized by the users. Hence, you do not have to worry about having an obsolete device or operating system, nor a non-mainstream web browser. 

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Uses Cloud Storage 

Another impressive feature of this website is its use of cloud storage. This has a lot of advantages for the users. Firstly, it allows you to save space from your device’s storage since everything in the process will be done online. Second, it will save you from any hassle since the requisite for accessing the services is only having a stable internet connection. 

Privacy Rights is respected

It is reasonable for people to worry about uploading any sort of file on the Internet. With a lot of privacy issues arising, people should be vigilant on where they upload their data. Thankfully GoGoPDF vows to safeguard all the uploaded files on their server through the best encryption tool. They also delete the files an hour after the completion of the process. 

Four quick and easy steps to convert your PDF to Word

As stated above, this platform is the pinnacle of convenience, and it is evident with its 4-step process. The first thing that you have to do is upload your file to the server. You can drag and drop the file on the conversion box or choose directly from your device by clicking the select files button. The second step is for the website to extract your Word File and convert it to PDF.

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The third step is to wait for the process to finish. With GoGoPDF, it is guaranteed that your waiting time will not take long. In three minutes maximum, you can already have the PDF version of your Word file. Lastly, you will be led to a download page where you can save the final output to your device. You may also send it via email or share it on social media. 


GoGoPDF is one of the most remarkable innovations ever created by web creators. Not only does it offer services that will indeed address the problems of the users in their PDF files, but it makes sure that every visitor of their website will have an experience that is hassle-free and convenient. More so, it is a bonus that they respect and protect the users’ privacy rights. 

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