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Evolution of Technology in the Online Gaming industry

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The gaming industry surprises with the speed of development. A few years ago, people had to look for representatives of bookmaker companies like Parimatch India in order to bet on the winnings of their favorite team.

Now everything is completely different. To place a bet or watch a match, bettors don’t even have to leave the home. It is enough just to have a computer, tablet, or smartphone. But the industry of betting did not stop there either.

For easy betting and stable viewing of matches, many large bookmakers have created mobile applications that occupy a small amount of device memory and stable like clockwork. Every month, developers are introducing new features that will not leave any user indifferent.

Watching Games via Smartphone

For those who previously watched sports events only with the help of TV or directly at the stadium, this innovation was a surprise and a real find.

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The first thing that was introduced into bookmaker applications is the viewing of live broadcasts. This is very cool not only because of the ability to watch games from anywhere on the planet but also for those who like to make money on it. Now everyone can place bets not only in the prematch but also during live streaming. During the game, many factors can influence the bettor’s decision and can help him make a winning choice and place a bet.

Also, the largest bookmakers, together with the best developers, began to implement the VR-function in their applications, with the help of which viewing the game through a smartphone will be as realistic as possible.

So far, this feature is only available on the newest smartphones, but it’s only a question of time.

Security Implementation

Since the platforms of bookmakers have access not only to all user information but also to money, they must have an increased level of security. For this, the developers of large companies have implemented several important functions that will secure all data and finances.

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1. Two-factor login to the application. Unlike the website, to enter the program using the device, people can use not only the login and password but also connect an additional input with a fingerprint or FaceID. This seemingly insignificant nuance will ensure that data is saved only by the owner and third parties will not have the opportunity to access the bettor’s account.

2. Safe deposits and withdrawals. In order to make a deposit or receive winnings on the card, users need to confirm their identity not only by entering the data of the card or electronic wallet but also by employing a face-scan or fingerprint.

This increased level of security guarantees the user assurance about his finances and personal information.

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Cryptocurrency in Online Gaming

The emergence of cryptocurrency caused a huge resonance from the first seconds. Nobody believed in the stability of the electronic currency, but today its rate is amazing.

Bookmaker platforms have recently begun to introduce the ability to place bets and make payments using Bitcoin, as this brings with it many advantages.

1. Transparency. Using the blockchain allows any player to familiarize themselves with the bookmaker’s “inner workings” – in particular, to make sure that he makes bets at fair odds.

2. Anonymity. The use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies allows everyone to achieve maximum anonymity and all the benefits associated with it – players will not have to disclose any personal information.

3. Low fees and high transaction speed.

4. Fewer mistakes. Using the blockchain, each bet will be verified not in a separate database, but in a decentralized network, which will minimize the number of errors.

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