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Discovering China’s Elite EV Charger Manufacturers: Elevating Electric Mobility

EV Charger

Interested in enhancing your electric vehicle’s charging experience in China? Discovering trustworthy EV charging providers can prove to be a challenging endeavor. As the electric vehicle market continually expands, the presence of subpar charging infrastructure frequently results in vexation. What you require are charging hubs that offer both accessibility and expeditious charging capabilities.

Introducing the solution: the top 5 purveyors of EV charging services in China. These industry frontrunners have perfected the art of delivering seamless charging experiences, ensuring your electric vehicle is consistently primed for the road ahead. Bid adieu to range concerns and usher in trouble-free electric journeys with these dependable suppliers.

A Glimpse at EV Charging Providers

EV charging providers play a critical role in advancing electric vehicle (EV) adoption by establishing an extensive charging network and associated services. They manage the creation, installation, and maintenance of charging infrastructure, including stations, connectors, and software systems, accommodating various charging methods like rapid, level 2, and DC fast charging. Their primary aim is to offer EV owners convenient, reliable, and accessible charging options for maintaining vehicle power and extending driving range.

Best Chinese EV Charger Manufacturers

For your reference, the top contenders in the realm of best Chinese EV charger manufacturers are:


In 2004, TGOOD commenced its journey through a fusion of Chinese and German ingenuity, igniting a collaborative force dedicated to revolutionizing smart home solutions and electronic conveniences. But their story took an exciting turn as they embarked on a new chapter – electric vehicle charging. TGOOD’s ascendancy has been a dominant force in China’s electric vehicle charger market for nearly a decade, propelling it into a formidable manufacturing powerhouse.

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Their electric vehicle chargers, products of extensive research and boundless creativity, stand as exemplars of intuitive design. As explorers venture into distant territories, TGOOD’s charging stations have expanded their presence worldwide, establishing subsidiaries in seven distinct regions. They are unwavering in their commitment to delivering quality and accessible solutions, forming an enduring legacy with their certified, long-lasting products. As an industry titan, TGOOD reigns supreme, overseeing more than half of China’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and commanding a vast network that blankets 290 cities within a 2 km radius.


In China’s intricate tapestry of electric vehicle charging, Electrly emerges as a distinguished thread, weaving chargers seamlessly into homes and businesses alike. This company’s canvas showcases intricate designs, meticulously crafting over 30 products across nine series, all adhering to international charging standards and catering to diverse power requirements. Electrly’s portfolio boasts portable and wall-mounted masterpieces for residences, elegant wall boxes and pedestals adorning workplaces and hospitality establishments, and swift direct current (DC) innovations for public charging stations and convenient pit stops.

Supplementary accessories such as charging plugs, cables, station brackets, and replacement connectors add depth to this eclectic collection. The allure of Electrly’s devices lies in their adaptability, seamlessly fitting into various installations. The company’s bespoke services tailor manufacturing to suit individual aspirations. Electrly’s influence stretches across distant lands, encompassing the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Serbia, Poland, Russia, India, and Australia, each expansion marking a stroke of innovation on its global canvas.

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Star Charge

Under the alias of Star Charge, Wanbang Digital Energy takes center stage as a luminary in its domain. Their journey is one of continuous innovation and ingenuity as they craft charging solutions that seamlessly align with the needs of electric vehicle owners. For them, charging is not just practical; it’s an art form, where payments flow as smoothly as silk, and batteries are recharged with a touch of rejuvenation.

Wanbang Digital Energy proudly assumes the role of a trailblazer, beckoning electric vehicles into the limelight as a compelling choice for modern mobility. Yet, their influence extends beyond the borders of China, encompassing various parts of Asia and more. Their relentless dedication to research and progress not only reduces carbon footprints but also reshapes the very essence of urban electric vehicle efficiency. This unwavering commitment positions Wanbang Digital Energy as a leader in the electric vehicle charging landscape, guiding the industry’s evolution.


Delta, at the forefront of China’s electric vehicle manufacturing, carries a banner of responsibility with a simple yet powerful message: “Climate Change Crusader.” Established in 1971, the company embarked on a new narrative in 2011, one centered on electric vehicle craftsmanship. Delta isn’t just a name; it’s an artisanal forge dedicated to crafting power generation systems and electric vehicle charging marvels. Their reach extends from individual vehicle owners to large corporations, all served with automation and technical brilliance, catering to diverse preferences.

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Delta’s story unfolds in research and development hubs spread across China, Japan, Europe, and Thailand, where engineering and scientific virtuosos breathe life into the electric vehicle industry. A harmonious blend of continuous growth and a commitment to quality resonates from Delta’s efforts, encapsulated by their dedication to allocate 8% of revenue towards innovation. Nestled in Taiwan, the heart of Delta’s operations pulses with the rhythm of a brighter electric future.

Tesla Motors Inc.

Tesla, an illustrious virtuoso in the realm of electric vehicles, has a narrative etched in the annals of innovation. It’s a symphony of engineering excellence crowned with patented electric vehicle charging innovations. Born from the seeds sown in 2003 as an electric vehicle pioneer, Tesla further expanded its horizons in 2012 to embrace electric vehicle charging, a testament to its versatility. Masterful in addressing diverse needs, Tesla’s chargers have earned a reputation for their potency and speed, establishing themselves as top predators in the charging landscape.

A current of 480 VDC surges through the veins of Tesla’s chargers, capable of propelling an electric vehicle from empty to 80% full in a mere 40 minutes. The legend of Tesla’s proprietary Superchargers spans the globe, entwining over 30,000 units across 2,500 stations on this electrified journey. With soaring financial success, boasting $53.8 billion in revenue and a capital of $30.2 billion, Tesla’s Shanghai facility stands as a colossal presence, covering 0.85 square kilometers of this ever-evolving landscape.

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