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5 Best Reverse Phone Lookup Websites and Services in 2023



Almost everyone hates getting calls from unknown numbers or strangers. These days, you cannot deny the rising number of phone scams. In the past, it was hard to catch these spammers. To get rid of these calls, you don’t need to meet with a stranger or seek the help of investigation authorities. The main reason is that meeting a stranger in person can pose a greater threat. While on the other hand, investigative agencies involve hectic processes fulfilling and take a lot of time.

You can surpass these instances using the reverse number lookup or phone lookup services. These free reverse number lookup services allow you to get the identity of any scammer just within a few minutes. Apart from this, you don’t need to provide many details to uncover their identities. Among many services, the key ones that need your attention are 

  1. USPhoneSearch
  2. NumLooker 
  3. USPhoneLookup 
  4. True Caller
  5. BeenVerified


The USPhoneSearch is a reverse phone lookup application or tool worth it. A guiding style interface leaves no question or confusion in your mind. It offers you a smooth workflow. USPhoneSearch hides nothing from you. Rather, it provides bulk information in reports. The key aspect of personal info includes name, email, address, gender, relatives info, family member info, age, etc. USPhoneSearch is present on the internet. Just with internet access, you can retrieve the service. 

Phone directories are also a common way for people to find some information in USPhoneSearch. With the help of phone directories, you can more easily find out where someone is by looking at their area code in a few seconds.

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No matter what reverse phone lookup you conduct, the USPhoneSearch covers the entire US. You can look up multiple area codes or states directly with this valuable service.


  • USPhoneSearch does not use local or less authentic data sources. Instead, it utilizes public sector agencies and record-keeping authorities for data retrieval.
  • You cannot question the accuracy or validity of the data; USPhoneSearch ensures the provision of remarkably accurate and authentic data.
  • The website’s structure is highly digestible. Everything is in a super convenient order. You can understand what is on the USPhoneSearch website.


  • The only con of USPhoneSearch is that it offers no help. You have no customer assistance or aid. You will get on the main web interface.

Stop unknown callers today with USPhoneSearch.


NumLooker contributes to the reverse phone lookup service. NumLooker provides you with an easy to understand report format. The notable details in the reports include all personal details and criminal history. The following pros and cons will clarify the importance of NumLooker:


  • The lightning speed of the NumLooker makes it desirable among various users. Just within a few seconds, you will receive your detailed report.
  • The NumLooker contains several details within the report. This prevents your crucial time to investigative agencies or authorities
  • You can use the NumLooker just for free as many times to research multiple phone numbers


  • Not good for retrieving details on numbers that have more than one owner

Stop unknown callers today with NumLooker.


As the term suggests, USPhoneLookup helps you get the data of spammers or cold callers that belong to the US. The type of information you can acquire with USPhoneLookup is job history, personal information, address information, and crime data (if any). 


  • USPhoneLookup features a higher level of security. The recency and periodic updation of the algorithm prevents hacking into the systems. 
  • The USPhoneLookup is simple and intuitive to get the data on any number you need.
  • There is no limitation on who can access the USPhoneLookup
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  • When there are a maximum number of users visiting the site in an instant, you will not get speedy data retrieval

Stop unknown callers today with USPhoneLookup

True Caller 

Another reverse phone lookup tool on the list is True Caller. With the help of this, you can unveil the ID of any caller or marketer. Another state-of-the-art option that a True Caller provides is ID reveal and blocking. Apart from this, you can also access the spam score of the text. 


  • There are no higher cost associations with the True Caller. Anyone can use it completely free. So you don’t need to worry if you have no money.
  • Truecaller also provides you with an Android or iOS app option.


  • When using the app, it will take your personal or phone information to facilitate the functioning

Stop unknown callers today with True Caller


BeenVerified refers to a service you can use to get information on various people with their phone numbers. The kinds of information you can get include past address, present address, social media profiles/accounts, educational data, etc. You can also retrieve information on lost colleagues or friends.  


  • The BeenVerified ensures high accuracy and excellent functioning to its users.
  • Through reports is another perk of the BeenVerified. There is nothing you can miss
  • Remarkable customer support around the clock is another notable service


  • To enjoy more benefits, you must purchase their subscription. This prevents users from using BeenVerified

Stop unknown callers today with BeenVerified.

How do I do a reverse phone lookup for free?

You cannot ignore or deny the level of deception that various reverse phone lookup services offer. They are mostly in the market to snatch personal data and money. You can become a victim of such brokers or service providers. Another thing that you should note is that their service quality is not up to the mark. 

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Generally, a qualitative reverse phone lookup service allows you to perform the reverse phone lookup quickly. If you experience a delay, then there are chances that you may fall victim to such a service in the end and pay for it. To avoid that, you can use any of the above 5 trustworthy and reliable services. 

The usage process of these services is approximately the same. Find insights on the process right in the following section:

  • First, visit the main web URL of the service with the help of a compatible search engine and the internet. When you are on the website’s main page, consider looking for a box that features a search icon.
  • Now start putting in the phone number that you have. Make sure after entering the number to double-check for its accuracy. When you have done that, press the enter key directly from your keyboard.
  • After both of the above steps, you must wait until you receive your report.


With the right tools, you can achieve success instantly in uncovering the details through the phone number. You will not get only the name of the person with the above services. Rather they can cater to you by revealing the essential details you cannot think of. All of this and more without paying a single penny. This is what you may need. Reveal the hidden information on any caller you want with any one of the tools above that suit your needs.

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